Keeping your lashes on fleek


Do you have eyelash extensions or are you thinking of getting them done for the first time? At Bayside Beauty we are passionate about educating everyone that walks through the doors on how to best take care of their lash extensions.  No you can’t just get them done, never touch them and they will remain beautiful until your refill.  There’s more to but don’t fear; I’m here to break it down!

Unfortunately there is a misconception that you MUST NOT touch or get your eyelash extensions wet to not “ruin them”.  This is far from the truth.  If you have been told this by previous lash technicians, you have not seen a trained professional.  The hygiene and upkeep of your lashes is most important in maintaining a healthy set of lashes.   If your natural lashes are not healthy you cannot keep getting extensions put on as they may start to get weak, fall out or worse get infections that can lead to more serious issues. 

I’ve created a list to break it down easily for everyone to follow!

Top 10 tips to maintaining your lashes fleek!

1.      Don’t get them wet for at least 24 hours (this includes crying, saunas and sweating)

2.      Wash/cleanse them daily with a non oil-based cleanser (squeaky clean lashes are happy lashes)

3.      Brush only with disposable mascara brush (avoid touching/playing/pulling on them)

4.      Don’t miss an infill (every 2-3 weeks)

5.      Don’t wear mascara – it’s unnecessary if you keep going to get regular infills

6.      Don’t use an eyelash curler (this will ruin the curl of the extensions and or can pull your natural lashes out)

7.      Avoid sleeping on your lashes (on your back is best or invest in a silk pillowcase for less friction)

8.      Avoid touching or playing with your lashes as every time you do so you are transferring natural oils which will loosen the glue and germs that can cause eye infections

9.      Never attempt at removing or cutting off extensions on your own as you may end up removing your natural lashes with them.

10.   Do not rub your eyes (this may be the hardest one for some people but this is a big no no as you can pull them out)

Classic eyelash extensions Brisbane
Classic eyelash extensions Brisbane

I hope this has been useful information and if I can help educate those who have been told very little or nothing in regards to the upkeep of their lash extensions then I have done my part in helping to keep healthy happy lashes out there. 

Have a fabulash day xx

Adriana Alvarenga

Bayside Beauty