What are eyelash extensions and what are they made from?


I’m guessing you’ve heard all the hype on eyelash extensions and are wanting to jump on the band wagon.  I’m here to educate and help you make the best choice for you and your natural eyelashes.  There are various different types of extensions you can get and each comes with their unique pros and cons. What was good on your girlfriend may not be suitable for you.  So have a read, and discover what type of extensions would be most suitable for you.

What exactly are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that are applied to almost all your natural eyelashes to create a specific desired look.  Generally not every natural eyelash can be lashed.  Some people may have very small and thin new lashes coming through, or perhaps they have damaged lashes, which are best left untouched. eyelash extensions can be applied to create a natural look, or a very glamorous wow look that will make you feel like a superstar.  There are also various types of eyelash extensions that can be applied.  The most common and desired are silk, mink or synthetic eyelashes.  It all depends on your preference. At Bayside Beauty we currently do silk, faux mink and synthetic.  We are happy to say that we do not support animal cruelty.

Silk eyelash extensions

Silk is the new black! Let’s talk Silk eyelash extensions first as these are my favourite!  These are the mid-weight type of lash extensions and are more flexible than the synthetic type. Because they are softer and more porous, they tend to work best and hold on slightly longer than other extensions.  Silk extensions are usually applied to give a very natural look as they don’t have a glossy shiny look like synthetic extensions can have. Because they are lighter weight, they are often a much better option if your own lashes are weak or fine.  Silk extensions tend to be thicker at the bottom and thinner toward the ends, helping to create a fuller looking lash line.  This would be perfect if you have sparsed lashes. They come in a variety of curls and lengths, though are a better option for a more natural look, as the curl is not generally as uniform as synthetic lashes.  With silks, the prices is mid-range.  You can pay anywhere between $85-$200 a set.  It all depends on the country, salon and experience of the lash technician.

Synthetic eyelash extensions brisbane

Showstopping Synthetics! Synthetics are the craze now.  They are made from a polished, acrylic material and are the firmest of all extensions available.  In appearance, they are a little glossier and can be applied to give the most dramatic look.  They will turn heads and you will probably have people asking about them and telling you how great they look. Yes, they will look the least natural but when they  look that amazing, WHO CARES?!  These are also very popular for a one-off application for a special occasion where you want to look gorgeous.  Another advantage with having synthetic lashes is that they hold their curl extremely well due to their firmness.  They have the easiest upkeep when comparing them to the other options.  As for price-range, they can be anywhere  between $50-$150.

mink eyelash extensions.jpg

What the Mink?!  Let’s say you’re wanting the most natural looking lash extensions possible.  Let’s say you have no qualms with animal cruelty.  Then Mink eyelash extensions would be your choice.  The benefits of extensions made from mink hair is that they have a natural quality to them that you cannot get from any other man made extension material. Real Mink lashes come from the Siberian or Chinese Mink’s tail.  With Mink extensions, you’ll get a very light, fluffy, soft natural look. Real mink lashes usually last longer because they are so light in weight and mimic the natural lashes the most. There are a couple downfalls to Mink lashes though.  Ranging from $200-$500 per set, which not many people can afford it makes them the most expensive type of eyelash extension you can get.  Their upkeep is not the easiest either. Because they are real hair, they will not keep their curl once you get them wet.  They tend to droop after getting wet, so you’d need to invest in a heat curler and be prepared to curl and style them on a daily to keep them looking their best.  Lastly, should you suffer from allergies to animal hair, these would be a no go as you would not want to pay a large amount for them to have them removed due to an allergic reaction to the mink hair.     

faux mink.jpg

To Faux or not to Faux? Faux-mink lashes are man-made fibres, designed to imitate real mink fur. They are very fine, soft and smooth, just like real fur. However, they have been improved, in that if you wet them, they won’t lose their curl. When wet, real mink fur lashes become straight and wispy. Faux mink extensions are also shinier in texture, which gives the lashes a glossy look. They are long lasting if they are cared for correctly.  Because they are so light, they don’t tend to drop or twist, even after many weeks of wear. Fuax mink lashes are quite affordable too.  They can range from $100-$180.

sable eyelash-extensions.png

Is Sable fur your only hope? Going back to animal fur, let’s take a look at the Sable lash extensions.  Just in case you have no clue as to what a sable is; they’re little adorable forest-dwelling animals native to Siberia and Russia. Turns out that just like the Mink, they too have sought out soft brown or black fur. So why would you choose sable extensions?  If you naturally have very thin, weak lashes then the sable extensions would be the best for you.  They are the most light weight out of all the available extensions out there.  This may be your only hope if you have been plagued with flimsy thin natural lashes.  If this is you and are interested in sable extensions, be prepared to pay anywhere between $300-$500.  Like the Mink extensions they are highly expensive. They’re not very popular amongst lash technicians so they are also harder to get.  You may need to ask around a bit to find someone or somewhere that does them.

bayside beauty.jpeg

So now you know all the different types of eyelash extensions you can possibly get. I hope from this you can choose which type of extensions would suit you and your lifestyle the most.  Your next question may be how long will this take?  In terms of the application of your eyelash extensions; it can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours.  The more eyelashes you have to work with the longer it will take to apply a full set. Although this may seem like a long process, rest assured that at Bayside Beauty the time will fly by! You spend the whole appointment eyes closed on a beauty bed, relaxing and listening to soft tunes. With the delicious candle burning in the background you will be wanting to take a lash nap! The atmosphere is peaceful, and I will always ensure you are comfortable and in no discomfort.  I hope you are more educated on eyelash extensions and I hope I can help you begin your eyelash extension journey!

Adriana Alvarenga

Eyelash Extension Technician

Bayside Beauty