Taking time out for me: La Spa Parisien experience


Life can get pretty busy and stressful this day and age for most people.  For me, well I am foremost a busy mum to two children under 4.  Raising children is a tough gig and when you add running a small beauty business on the side, well life can be pretty overwhelming.   Like most mums out the there, I don’t come first.  If I get time, I will do something for myself.  I don’t often have time to relax, unwind and yet alone pamper myself.  My husband and kids were so sweet for mothers day and I got given a pamper voucher.  Choose where and what you want done read my card! WOW! Best present ever right? For me it certainly was! 

I found out about this gorgeous spa in Wilston (La Spa Parisien) a few weeks back when I met the owner, Shelly at a Sister Stepping out networking event.  I took one glance at the packages they had to offer and I instantly knew where I wanted to get pampered.  La Spa Parisien it was!  It took me a while to find some free time in between work and kids but I got there.  

Relaxation room selies

When you step inside La Spa Parisien you notice it’s classical lines,  and opulent French inspired glamour, and a space where relaxation is part of the thought process in every step.  When I asked Shelly a little about the treatments they offer, she explained that “they are designed to help you achieve inner and outer beauty, with luxury embraced and the principles of Beauty French Training Techniques, deep breathing and calming techniques using sound vibrations, all help you to escape the noise of the outside world  and achieve a higher level of relaxation”.  Sounds glamorous right?!

La Spa 5.jpg

So what makes La Spa Parisien stand out from the rest?  Shelly and I got to talking as it was obvious we both like a little chat and for Shelly it all started 25yrs ago when she realized we had lost sight of what Beauty Salons where all about, treating ourselves to a little bit of luxury! Its not about being fast and out the door as quick as possible and only JUST getting what we paid for , it had her asking where has all the customer service gone and all those little extras ? Shelley’s ethos has always been to exceed her clients expectation and admits she gets a little thrill when her clients get surprised at all the little extras even for the smallest treatment , and so La Spa Parisien was born , a Luxury French Beauty Spa!

After much deliberation on what treatment I was going to get, i decided on a 40 minute relaxation massage and  the ‘Enveloppment de cocon’ – Cocoon Wrap.  Boy, was I in for a treat! A 3 hour treat in fact! 

Vicci Shower 

My experience of pure relaxation started and I was escorted to the relaxation room where I was given some gorgeous floral tea to sip on while I filled out the client form. I was then given the option of a white or back deluxe robe and some slippers.  I choose the black robe… how very Hugh Hefner of me! I seriously was already feeling more relaxed just wearing the robe.  I was excited of all the pampering that was awaiting me!

Shelly suggested we begin with the relaxation massage and we went into the massage room.  This is one out of the 5 rooms she has in her spa.  The room itself is lit perfectly. There’s a gorgeous scent of candles burning and zen music playing in the room that really top off the massage experience.  Now I’ve had my fair share of massages done over the years and I more often than not will end up pulling something or just be bruised and sore for days.  I have had a bit of nerve damage to my right shoulder which I informed Shelly of, and she made sure she gave that shoulder a little extra love.  I was on cloud nine when I realised that this massage included a scalp massage too! OMG, now if you’ve never had your scalped massaged, you haven’t lived.  Effeminately my highlight of the massage!  All my knots from everyday stresses slowly dissolved and I found myself almost falling asleep with the soft yet firm massage Shelly gave me.  It was just what I needed!

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To think I had more pampering left, made me even more excited of what was to come.   The cocoon wrap treatment is a 8 step process.  1. We began with the facial preparation.  2. Dry body brush.  3. Body milk and exfoliation.  4. Detox and tone wrap.  5. Hair/scalp elixir massage.  6. Cooling globe facial elixir  massage. 7. Vichy shower.  8. Hydration.  What happens in each process? Have a read below in more detail. 

La Spa 8.jpg

Facial Preparation – this a is face preparation specifically designed by me to allow you skin to feel just as beautiful as the rest of the body, it also allows your skin to remain hydrated throughout the body warp. You do 4 deep breaths to inhale the charka balancing mist. 

Dry Body Brushing – this creates stimulation and starts the removal of dead skin cells.

Warm Oil Emulsion – This is a specially designed product that is warmed and drizzled over the body before the exfoliation this creates hydration to the skin and slip for the body scrub. 

body Scrub – creamy body scrub containing ingredients such as French salt,  brown sugar, honey just to name a few. Luxurious creamy body scrub removing dead skin and hydrating the skin , this is left on as the sugar dissolves and the hydration gives and extra layer for the wrap.

Cooling Globes
Cooling Globes

cocoon wrap – is applied this is a creamy, velvety nourishing wrap , which conations pink French clay , argon butter just to name a few. Nice thick layer is applied and left to absorbed for 20 minutes . The body is wrapped up in cotton to retain the body heat but not to cause sweating. while this is on a facial and scalp massage is completed with specific movements to calm the mind , face and hair elixirs are used and the beautiful cooling globes which creates creates a refreshing feeling to the skin. 

Vichy Shower – this is completed by warm water raining down on the body to completely relax the body, we 10 minutes on the front and 10 mins on the back and we take the opportunity to complete soothing body massage movements to remove the body warp while the Vichy shower is on.

Hydration – we finish with body butter all over to keep the hydration levels up in the skin. We finally finish with our gentle wake up and blessing this is our unique way of being you back to the real world.  Gentle wake up is specific facial movements to balance the mind and to create clarity and our blessing is our vibrational sound that signifies the end of the treatment and blesses you with positivity. 

Cleansing tea –  beautiful organic tea to sip on while you get dressed and return back to the real world.

I absolutely loved the Vichy shower! this was probably my favourite part of the Cocoon.  I love my showers and to be able to lay down and get a shower….HEAVEN! I felt very warm, relaxed and at peace under all the blankets and towels that I was wrapped in while I layed soaking in my cocoon wrap.  Shelly mentioned that La Spa Parisien make their own French Clay too.  They source their ingredients from all around the world and know that there are no nasties in them. 

I left feeling a new woman.  Sometimes a girl just needs a little glamour in her life. I left floating La Spa Parisien.  I highly recommend you get a treatment.  I look forward to going back soon for another one soon. 

Check out their details below! 

Address: 1st Level , 99 Kedron Brook Rd Wilston (Above the Coffee Club)

Phone: 0427 187 541

Website: www.luxuryfrenchbeautyspa.com

Adriana Alvarenga

Bayside Beauty