Benefits of a spray tan


Truth of the matter is most people feel better when they  have a bit of colour.  I particularly love summer because I get that little more sunlight than usual.   With a spray tan on top, I feel AMAZING!  

I bet you didn’t think a spray tan could have too many benefits other than looking GREAT!.  There are a few other benefits to getting a professional spray tan with me than you might not have considered.  Have a read!

1.  CONFIDENCE.  We all have areas of our bodies we don’t particularly love, but with a spray tan you can instantly feel more confident and those make those little insecurities seem like nothing. 

2. SLIMMER AND MORE TONED.  Almost 2/3 of people said they not only felt slimmer with a spray tam but more toned. Spray tan can be applied with certain technique, which is almost like contouring of the body to enhance the appearance of muscle tone.

3. MINIMISES  SCARS AND OR PIGMENTATION.  A good spray tan can help reduce the sign of pigmentation and disguise scars. If you are self conscious about other imperfections such as stretch marks and or blemishes, spray tanning can conceal these. 

4. HEALTHY SKIN.  Our bodies are mainly made of water, therefore we all need to keep hydrated to fuel our bodies. A hydrating spray tan will leave your skin not only looking great but feeling healthier too. 

5. SUN SAFE .  It has been proved that there are harmful UVA and UVB rays from tanning beds and that the  sun can cause premature ageing, and  cancer. A professional spray tan with me will give you the golden glow that will leave your skin looking radiant without harming any part of you. Guilt free beauty is the way to go! 

6. EASY PREPARATION.  All you need to do do is exfoliate and remove all the dead skin cells.  After doing so, your skin instantly  is healthier and and looks brighter.  This creates the perfect blank canvas for your spray tan to be applied. 

So are you feeling low? Needing a pick me up? Book yourself a spray tan to look and feel amazing! 

Till Next time! Stay gorgeous!

Adriana Alvarenga

Bayside Beauty

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