The importance of cleaning your eyelash extensions


When I have a first time lash client I always emphasize on the importance of cleaning your eyelashes daily.  Naturally everyday your skin secretes oil.  If you naturally have oily skin, this is an even bigger reason why you need to keep your lash extensions clean.   

As you may or may not already know, oil is no friend for eyelash extensions.  Oils break down the bond in the glue, which only means your lashes will fall out sooner.  Most of my clients tell me they’re afraid to wash their lashes;  “I don’t want them to fall out too quickly”.  Allowing the oil, dust, dead skin cells and makeup to build up on your lashes and even clog your follicles.  Clogged follicles can lead to nasty eye infections and no lash technician will lash an infected eye.  Not being hygienic with your lashes is the worst thing you could do if you’re wanting to prolong the life of your extensions.

We all have microscopic parasites which live happily on our lashes. These littlies are called Demodex Folliculorum.  They are completely harmless, however, an excessive number of mites in the lash follicles caused by poor hygiene will usually result in the eyelash (both extensions and natural lashes) falling out. Constant neglect of your lashes will result in increased sensitivity, and a higher chance of allergic reactions.

We also highly recommend that you avoid too much touching and pulling of your lash extensions, which is why a gentle touch is definitely important for lash retention. In simple terms, clean and well-kept lash extensions prevent all sorts of eeky problems and also help them last a lot longer!

If you follow the provided lash cleansing instructions and take care of the hygeine of your lashes, you will be able to keep getting your extensions refilled without a hassle. 

Should you have any questions about on this topic, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly assist you. 

Till next time! 

Adriana Alvarenga

Lash Technician

Bayside Beauty

So what’s the best way to keep your extension clean you may ask? have a read below and see some step by step instructions of how to best cleanse your extensions.

Cleansing 1.jpg

1.      If you don’t already have an oil free cleanser, I suggest you go buy yourself one ASAP.  I now sell aftercare packages which includes a bubbly cleanser.  You can purchase a pack for $25 in-store. 

Cleansing 3.jpg

2.      Brush your lashes to get them untangled.

Cleansing 5.jpg

3.      Pump/place some cleanser either on your lash cleansing brush or your hands.  Ensure your cleanse the lash line (where the eyelid meets your eyelashes).  This is where all the unwanted debris and oil will sit.

Cleansing 7.jpg

4.      Rinse cleanser off thoroughly with warm water. 

cleansing 4.jpg

5.      Lightly dry either with hair dryer on cool setting or pat dry.  Avoid rubbing eyes to dry at all cost. 

Cleansing 6.jpg

6.      Finish off by brushing  your squeaky clean lashes with your clean mascara spoolie brush to make them neat and fluffy again.  Ensure you don’t drag the brush through the base of the lashes.