Why do I need lash infills?


Over the last few years eyelash extensions have become a big trend for many women around the world. Why wouldn’t it; when it means you can wake up looking fabulash and also reduce  time spent on getting ready.  The eyes the entry to the soul they say, so why not have them looking their best.  But eyelashes are not just there for the purpose of enhancing your beauty.  They play a very important role. Protection.  Eyelashes activate the blink response so that dust, dirt, debris and other foreign objects don’t get into our eyes.  The upper eyelid can have anywhere between 90 to 150 lashes, while the lower eyelid has about 70 to 80. Each individual eyelash is programmed to reach a certain length (10mm on average), fall out, and then re-grow.  For this reason is why you need to visit your lash technician every 2-3 weeks for infills.  

lash cycle 3.jpg

An eyelash undergoes a three-part growth cycle:

1. Anagen (the growth phase): The first stage of the eyelash cycle lasts between 30 and 45 days.  Approximately 40 percent of our upper lashes and 15 percent of our lower lashes are in the anagen stage at any given time.

2. Catagen (the transition phase): Once the lashes in the anagen phase reach their designated length, they stop growing and the hair follicle shrinks. Should an eyelash fall out during the catagen phase, it won’t begin growing back until the catagen phase has run its course, typically within two to three weeks.

Telogen (the resting phase): The telogen phase is a hundred day resting cycle before the eyelash falls out and a new lash blooms to take its place. Since our lashes are in different phases of the growth cycle, it’s natural for a few to fall out each day, so blow on that lash and make a wish!

So if you’re new to eyelash extensions or are considering them, just remember what you’ve read and don’t be alarmed when you have a lash or two (or even 5 a day) fall out.  It’s your lashes natural cycle.  Just blow it away and make a wish 😉

Till next time! Stay gorgeous and live beautifully! 

Adriana Alvarenga

Eyelash Extension Technician

Bayside Beauty