Yoga and the inner and outer beauty benefits it creates


I have recently taken up Yoga and I can safely say that I absolutely love it.  It has helped me alongside meditation to find some peace in a time in my life where otherwise there would be ultimate chaos.  I feel strongly about the benefits of yoga and therefore wanted to either introduce yoga to you or teach you some things about it that may make you rethink trying it out. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga‘ is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘to join, unite or yoke together’, and the essential purpose of yoga is to bring together body, mind and spirit into a harmonious whole.  Yoga was first developed by the  Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago.  It emphasises the relationship with body, mind and breath.  It is the art of skilful living.  It is about getting to know yourself, integrating the many aspects of ourselves and putting us in control of our minds.  The effects are holistic, bringing about health awareness and a change of attitude towards ourselves and the world around us.  In this busy and at times crazy world we live in, yoga comes in handy. Quieten the mind, breath and recharge.

Like myself, you may have tried yoga before but perhaps it just wasn’t the right style for you.  I recently met Sarah from Bodyfit and Flex Pilates Studio in Birkdale who changed my view on this beautiful practice.  Sarah oozes with beautiful vibes and her classes are a true testament to her gorgeous nature. She discovered yoga in her late teens but it wasn’t until she began to experience severe anxiety in her late twenties that she found the courage to attend regular yoga classes. Stepping onto the yoga mat became a place for Sarah to stop, breathe and be present. She soon embarked on her teacher training, which her experience left her seeing life with a whole new set of eyes. She teaches from the heart and offers all her students a warm energy and friendly smile. I had a few questions to ask her that I thought would be a good insight into this beautiful practice. 

What does Yoga mean to you?

Connection, with the body, with self, mind and with others. In life we all want very similar things, for me I got so focussed on everything I wanted outside of me that I lost control over the inside of me. I stopped listening to what my body needed and lived with the mentality to push through. My body took over and I completely lost control not once but three times. I couldn’t speak or move, and felt like I lost my ability to breathe.  I found the true meaning of yoga when I felt broken, when I had nothing left to give. Yoga helped me heal, it taught me forgiveness, how to love self, to appreciate, to give and most importantly it taught me to stop and enjoy every breath. Inhale ….. Exhale.

If someone says to you “I’m not confident and not built for yoga” what would your response be?

If you can breathe you can do yoga. My usual response back is a laugh… my favourite thing in life is making others smile. The honest truth is, we breathe in and out all day everyday but how often do you really stop and notice the breath.  

We look at ourselves in the mirror and always feel very quick to judge the outside appearance but when do we go inwards? Our busy life, busy minds (monkey minds), everyday to do lists, keeping up with the demands of modern society is not easy.  But it can be, In my yoga classes we experience the breath in yoga through a whole new set of eyes. We pause, draw back inward with our breath, check back in with our body & mind. We move the body to quieten down the loud noises that can sometimes surround us, allowing you to ground back in the human body so you can be breathe with confidence. I teach only to love more and how to show up as self and be the person the universe destined you to be. Through breath we heal. 

What are the top health benefits yoga can bring…

Yoga means union, its known to bring the body and mind together as one. Through yoga we introduce breath awareness with particular poses that help reduce the stress in the physical body in many different ways. To be honest I feel yoga is still at its early stages of studies. We know it has many health benefits, but as we are all individuals I believe yoga heals the body each individually.

Yoga is known to help reduce stress in the body,  help those suffering with feelings of anxiety & depression. Something forever close to my heart. It is not only a way to help cope with these feelings, but it’s been shown to reduce them also.  Yoga can help with the inflammation throughout the body, great for digestive issues, Cardiovascular health, Reduce chronic pain in the body from injuries to arthritis. 

Overall yoga helps adults and kids have a better quality of life, better sleep quality, flexibility and balance through the body and mind. 

What’s your favourite style of yoga and why? 

I laughed at this question because I still remember been 18 and wanting to try yoga. I walked into a hot yoga room and hated every minute of it. As the years went on, I experienced snippets of different styles, but nothing ever was enough to get me to stay. 

This is when I found Vinyasa yoga, I was hooked. The flowing movements that connected with the body and breath. It was was utter bliss. I felt like everything felt clearer. It was though vinyasa yoga that I learnt to control my body instead of it controlling me. I learnt how the breath could warm me up, slow me down, restore my body inside and out. Every moment flows and connects and through this I can easily connect with my yoga practice. 

Will yoga make me a better person? If so, why?

If you can show up for yourself just once a week for 60 mins, you already are a better person. I always tell my clients to stop in gratitude for self for a moment and thank yo​urself for showing up. 

I know as a mum, and a person who suffered anxiety and depression its not always easy walking out the door leaving your kids for an hour. Then having that self doubt talk creep in your mind. Will I be good enough to do the class, what if I can’t do it?  What if you can? Our community at Bodyfit and Flex Pilates studio is about acceptance. We consider ourselves a family. If you fall we laugh with you, we have days when we cry with you, pick each other up and most importantly we Breathe & Heal together. 

In Yoga we accept you where you are at on your journey. We get that life  doesn’t ever slow down, it doesn’t stop even, so its up to ourself to find a way to stop & draw inward. Let go of some of the old tapes that play in our head, let go of the stories we play in our mind on replay. Yoga can be a way to let go and find balance back in your life so you can show up everyday and feel confident to breathe in your own skin. 

If you’re in the Redlands and want to come and participate in a yoga class, the studio details are below.

Bodyfit andFlex Pilates Studio

112 Birkdale Road, Birkdale 4159

0401 501 113

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